The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme

Birmingham & Solihull

Due to exceptional demand this service is now closed to new referrals. Thank you for your interest. 

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Background information on the programme follows below

This page explains more about the Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme (CPP) in Birmingham and Solihull. It helps you understand whether you’re eligible and whether it’s the right programme for you.

The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Programme

Many aspects of modern life are toxic for our health. A lot of the things designed to make life easier or more enjoyable for us, like television, cars, computers and convenience food, have turned out to have unintended negative effects for our health. One of those consequences is the dramatic rise in the number of people developing life-limiting preventable diseases such as heart and circulatory diseases, also referred to as cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Reducing your chances of developing heart and circulatory diseases involves changing your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you have to follow fad diets or strict exercise regimes. Instead, Momenta have worked with NHS and other partners to develop a programme which provides you with the confidence and skills you need to make small but important day-to-day changes to benefit your health. Changes that you can maintain in the long term that are consistent with your likes and dislikes, culture and beliefs. 

This new group-based programme is currently only available to the first 700 people in Birmingham and Solihull who start by June 30th. The programme is delivered by Momenta and funded by the NHS, through SBRI. Momenta are working with NHS Birmingham and Solihull, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham City Council and other partners.

Read on for more information or sign up securely here.


What is the programme?

Our trained Coaches will give you all the knowledge, skills and tools you need to reduce your risk of having a heart attack or stroke and help make your heart fitter and stronger. You’ll have the chance to think about what this information means for you and how to put it into practice, supported by comprehensive resources.

Regular group support sessions for 10-20 people are at the heart of the 9-month programme. Sessions start weekly, before moving to fortnightly and then monthly. Each enjoyable, interactive session introduces a new nutrition, physical activity (there is no actual activity in sessions) or behaviour change topic. You can join an in-person group or participate online over Zoom.

If you attend the group sessions you’ll be given a range of high-quality resources including Workbooks, a Lifestyle logbook, a pedometer and 12 months’ premium access to the EXi physical activity – all free of charge.


Participant case studies

Some participants have shared their stories – you might find their experiences help you explain the programme to your patients – or they might just make you smile…

Juliet, Birmingham & Solihull

Juliet, Birmingham & Solihull

Juliet took part in our NHS Birmingham Type 2 Diabetes Path to Remission Programme. Juliet started on 120.9kg and finished…
Waqas, Birmingham & Solihull

Waqas, Birmingham & Solihull

Waqas has lost 21% of his starting weight
Faraza, Birmingham & Solihull

Faraza, Birmingham & Solihull

Faraza has lost 19% of her starting weight

You must be registered with a GP practice in Birmingham and Solihull (or a resident) and:

You must be registered with a GP practice in Birmingham and Solihull (or a resident) and:

  • Aged 18-80, with a diagnosis of high blood pressure*
  • Above a healthy weight (Body Mass Index (BMI) over 25, or over 23.5 if you're of Asian, Black African or African-Caribbean origin) - Check your BMI
  • Able to exercise briskly 
  • Willing and able to attend 18 in-person or Zoom group sessions over 9 months.



Unfortunately we are NOT the right service for you if you:

  • Have Type 1 diabetes or are on insulin for Type 2 diabetes
  • Have angina or have had a heart attack (Myocardial Infarction)
  • Have had a previous stroke or TIA (Transient Ischaemic Attack)
  • Are currently pregnant
  • Are under care of a dietitian (unless referred by them) or currently have an eating disorder
  • Are unable to attend or benefit from a group session.

*You can be eligible without high blood pressure if you are referred to us from Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Birmingham


Is the programme right for me now?

It’s important for you to think carefully about whether this is the right type of support and the right time for you to take part. For example: Is your heart health important to you at this point in your life? Does a group format appeal? Can you commit to attending 18 sessions over 9 months?



How do I sign up or find out more?



There is some more detailed information below for further reading.

Thank you very much.


How have participants found it?

Several participants have shared their inspiring stories – you might find their experiences helpful to understand more about the programme.  We will post these here shortly.  In the meantime, here are just a few things participants have told us:

‘Great explanation of why blood pressure goes up’

‘I’m finding the course very helpful and I’m delighted it seems to be working for me and has changed my mindset on what I eat and on encouraging me to be more active’

‘I’m getting a lot of encouragement and good ideas from both our coach and the other participants’

‘I’m very pleased my blood pressure has stabilised at a lower level’

‘I feel the other participants are all very inspiring

‘Nobody is judgemental, Its good to know you are not doing this alone .The coach is kind and helpful’

‘It’s positive. It will help with lifetime changes for healthier living’

‘The mutual collaboration of the group meetings provides a positive incentive to try harder.’

‘I  think the book you sent is very complete, good quality, everything good…’

‘While on holiday I tried very hard to put into practise what I’ve been learning and did not put on any weight. Today I’m thrilled I’ve finally lost my first stone.’

‘I enjoy walking which I was not doing often before’

‘I have really enjoyed this course and have got a lot of great things out of it. Thank you x’


What can I expect when I register or I'm referred?

When we receive your registration or referral form one of our Advisers will contact you and arrange an Individual Assessment to confirm eligibility, ask you some additional details and answer any questions you might have about the programme or process.  

The Adviser will then give you a choice of upcoming programmes (start date, time, location/Zoom) and book you onto the one you prefer. We organise programmes on different days of the week and at different times including evenings to make it as easy as possible for people to attend. 


Enjoyable, interactive sessions start once a week for 6 weeks, move to fortnightly and then monthly. Each session focuses on a topic in one of the three areas below:


Paying attention to which foods we eat, as well as how much we eat, can help us reduce our risk of developing health problems like high blood pressure, raised cholesterol and Type 2 diabetes. But do you really know what’s healthy and what’s not?

Experts developed Momenta to help you:

Know what’s in the foods you eat and how to avoid eating too much of anything.

Choose foods that fill you up for longer and learn how to make varied, well-balanced food choices instead of simply counting calories or cutting out entire food groups.

Recognise that when and why you eat is as important as what you eat.


“I’ve finally broken my yo-yo cycle of dieting and feel more healthy and energised”

Physical activity

Most of us know people who exercise regularly have stronger, healthier hearts than those who don’t. But you don’t have to train like an athlete to get these benefits. In fact, science tells us that if you currently don’t get much exercise you’ve got the most to gain by starting to do something.

Over the course of the programme your Coach will help you:

Understand how much and what type of activity you need.

Think about activities that are safe and achievable for you.

Find the best ways to include more activity in your daily routine.


“I really enjoy being more active – and now I’m reaping the rewards”


This programme is based on the principles of behavioural science. You’ll discuss how to change behaviour, how to get support for that and how to stay motivated.

You’ll also explore:

How stress can get in the way of making lifestyle changes – and solutions to help you.

What triggers our behaviours, because all of our actions are influenced by something, and how we can manage them.

Ways to get better quality sleep – one of the most helpful things we can do for our bodies.


“I’ve learned how to beat cravings and temptations – I feel so much happier!”


Who is behind this service?

The service is being delivered by Momenta. It is funded by the NHS through SBRI and the Accelerated Access Collaborative. We are privileged to work with a range of excellent partners who each play a key role in bringing this service to you:

NHS Birmingham and Solihull

University Hospitals Birmingham

West Midlands Academic Health Science Network

Birmingham City Council

South Eastern Health & Social Care Trust

British Society of Lifestyle Medicine