Waqas, Birmingham & Solihull

Waqas has lost 21% of his starting weight

Momenta Newcastle are delivering a group-based Diabetes Remission Programme (DRP) virtually over Zoom in Birmingham & Solihull CCG as part of the NHS England Low Calorie Diet Programme. 

 Waqas’ background and life before the programme 

 Waqas is an accountant and a family man with a young daughter, just a year and half old. 

Describing himself as a ‘crazy lover of food’, Waqas has struggled to manage his weight since childhood. His health ‘deteriorated massively’ around five years ago. He was tired all the time as he wasn’t sleeping, as well as suffering with psoriasis and high cholesterol. He was eventually diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2016. 

He relied mainly on medication to manage his diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure and fatty liver disease as his previous attempts to lose weight weren’t very successful. In early 2021 he was at his heaviest, with a BMI of 38kg/m2. 

 Waqas’ journey 

Initially, Waqas didn’t have high hopes for the programme as he’d been disappointed with other diet plans. However, he quickly changed his mind when he began to see rapid results. 

 Phase 1 – Total Diet Replacement (TDR) 

Waqas discovered that by attending the group sessions, making good use of the Workbook and embracing the behavioural techniques, his thought processes changed – and so have his habits and attitude toward food. 

His starting weight was 109 kg and he lost 1-2kg each week on TDR. Waqas completed the TDR phase at 91.6kg – having lost 15% of his starting body weight in just 12 weeks! 

Phase 2 – Rebalance 

Waqas has continued to make good progress by fully embracing lifestyle changes with a further 6% weight loss. He has now dropped to 86kg – nearly 30kg lighter than his weight at the start of 2021! 

How did the programme fit into Waqas’ life? 

Waqas really emphasises the importance of support of friends and family and the need to plan ahead for social events. ‘It takes a bit of getting used to, but it helps to plan your TDR products before any social event’ 

Waqas enjoys the virtual group meetings on Zoom as he appreciates being in the comfort of his own home and it works well with his busy schedule. Outside of the meetings his group continues to be there for each other by sharing experiences, concerns and ideas informally through WhatsApp. 

How has the programme improved Waqas’ health and life? 

Not only has the programme positively impacted his weight but it’s also having a positive impact on his emotional and mental wellbeing – he can do his routine daily activities with ease! And this includes having fun with his family and buying some new clothes! 

Sleeping better is just one of a number of health benefits – his cholesterol levels have dropped to the point of not needing medication and, curiously, his psoriasis is better too. 


His short-term goals are to continue to improve his lifestyle and avoid falling back into bad habits. He’s hoping that this focus will drive him forward to meet his weight target of 80kg by the end of the programme. 

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