Rudolf, Birmingham & Solihull

Rudolf has lost 22% of his starting weight

Momenta Newcastle are delivering a group-based Diabetes Remission Programme (DRP) virtually over Zoom in Birmingham & Solihull CCG as part of the NHS England Low Calorie Diet Programme. 

 Rudolf’s background and life before the programme 

 Rudolf is a healthcare assistant working in a rehabilitation unit. He has a passion for cooking and enjoys playing basketball. 

Before starting the programme, Rudolf suffered a heart attack and had a stent inserted. He was on 12 tablets a day to manage his medical conditions and on the highest dose possible of Metformin for his Type 2 Diabetes. He struggled especially during the height of the COVID pandemic as he was shielding and found it difficult to eat a healthy diet or exercise. 

Rudolf heard about the NHS Low Calorie Diet from his GP. He admits being rather apprehensive at first, as he wasn’t sure whether the approach was right for him. Still, he decided to give it a go after visiting his family in the Philippines. He started on the programme in March 2021, weighing 92kg, with a BMI of 31kg/m2. 

 Rudolf’s journey 

Rudolf has now finished 12 weeks of total diet replacement and is in Phase 2 of the programme. Weighing just 72kg he is nearly 20kg lighter– a loss of over 20% of his starting weight. And he has now reached a BMI within the healthy range – at 23.9! 

 Phase 1 – Total Diet Replacement (TDR) 

Initially, Rudolf didn’t have any issues with the TDR. He experienced cravings, especially at work, because he was often helping patients to eat, or serving food. But he overcame this once he understood his triggers, then it was simply the habit of chewing that he missed. Having just one teaspoon of the food he was craving did the trick! 

Rudolf enjoyed and highly recommends the savoury products from the Exante range, especially the Thai red soup, bacon and cheese breakfast and dahl pots! The variety allowed him to mix things up a little – not just soups and shakes – and he also took advantage of the Joker concept to include the occasional vegetable dish. Being well supported by his Coach and making good use of his Workbook and the tools and techniques of the programme, Rudolf lost 18% of his starting weight over Phase 1. 

His top tips to get through Phase 1 are: 

  • A positive mindset is key 
  • Remember your goals. 

Phase 2 – Rebalance 

Rudolf has embraced the positive changes in his life and is enjoying his new way of cooking and food choices. He uses an ‘air fryer’ and eats more fish and vegetables. When buying groceries, both he and his wife are more conscious of calories and make use of the labels on food packaging. Developing these skills has helped him continue to lose weight after the TDR phase. 

How did the programme fit into Rudolf’s life? 

Not only has the NHS Low Calorie Diet made a difference to Rudolf but it’s also motivated his wife to adopt a healthier lifestyle and begin a weight loss journey of her own. She has now lost 10kg by changing her behaviours and by supporting his healthier habits – Rudolf does most of the cooking! 

He recognises the importance of keeping focused and makes good use of the participant materials. To keep on track ‘referring back to the Workbooks is particularly helpful’. 

How has the programme improved Rudolf’s health and life? 

Rudolf feels lighter and more energetic and happier to exercise. At his latest diabetes review, his GP also reduced medications for managing both diabetes and blood pressure. He’s thrilled with no longer being on the maximum dose of Metformin! 


Rudolf aims to achieve diabetes remission and aims to stay off his medication. He’s always receiving praise from family and friends saying that he looks fitter and younger. 

He’s been enjoying the products and highly recommends Exante as a company! 

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