How to order your TDR products from Exante

Voucher code

Your voucher code for ordering your products looks like this:


Please note that each voucher code can only be used once.  You will receive different codes for future orders 

Please place your order as soon as possible to allow time for your order to be processed and delivered, allowing longer at particularly busy times of year, such as holidays or around Black Friday.

Some people have told us that they find it easier to order their products using a laptop or computer browser rather than a smartphone – we suggest you do this if you can.  

How to order your TDR products

1) Click on the link to open the webpage:

2) To order your TDR products during the first 12 weeks of the programme Click on ‘Phase 1 orders’ 

3) Choose the products you’d like to order and make sure that you select 112 products and 1 shaker – a total of 113 items

4) Once you have selected 113 items, click on ‘Next’ to go to the checkout page.  Note that your basket will only update after you have clicked ‘Next’.

5) Copy and paste your code or type it in accurately in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXX in the space for the ‘discount code’ on the checkout page. 

NOTE For the code to work, it must be entered in capital letters and you will need to be particularly careful not to confuse digits 0 (zero) and 1 (one) with letters O and I. 


6) Then, check out securely and look for your confirmation email (you should receive one within 5 minutes). Store your order number safely. You may need to refer to this number if you have any difficulties with the order or delivery of your products 

7) Note if you do not receive an order number or a confirmation e-mail then it is likely that your order has not gone through and you will need to try again. If you continue to experience difficulties placing an order, then then please refer to Help! below

8) If you have placed an order but it has not been delivered, please also refer to the Help process below

9) For TDR product orders for Phase 2 or any Reset plans you’ll use the same approach but simply select the appropriate link on the main webpage e.g. for Phase 2 Orders. The process is the same but the number of products will vary.


What should you do if you encounter any problems with placing your order or your products do not arrive?

If your voucher code does not work please refresh your browser and doublecheck that you have used the correct code and input it correctly.  If it still does not work then contact the Momenta support team at

As soon as you realise that you have any other problem then please contact Exante’s team directly at or call them on 0161 813 1494 and letting them know that you’re on the ‘NHS / Momenta Low Calorie Diet programme’ and explain the problems that you’re experiencing. They’ll be able to answer any questions and can place your order for you. 

If you have received an order confirmation but not received your products within 4-5 days of placing your order, please contact Exante using the details above stating that you are on the Momenta Low Calorie Diet Programme and give them your order number. They will be able to let you know when to expect your delivery

Should you still have any difficulties contacting Exante then please email our Momenta support team with any correspondence you have received. 

Key contacts

Exante or 0161 813 1494  

Momenta support team