Video Resources

Using accuRX to support referrals
Demonstration of how to use the accuRx system to quickly and easily ascertain patient interest in and readiness for the NHSE Low Calorie Diet Programme, By Dr Nashat Qamar
Using the Readiness (Self-)Assessment Tool
Dr Paul Chadwick, Momenta Newcastle Clinical Director, introduces the LCD Readiness (Self-)Assessment Tool and describes two ways to use it: - As a self-assessment tool sent to patients in advance; or - By healthcare professionals with their patients in a consultation.
NENC LCD Education session March 2022
  • Start   Underpinning research
  • 02.42   Inclusion criteria
  • 04.22   Service overview, patient journey
  • 12.13    Primary care and provider responsibilities
  • 17.16    Making successful referrals - summary
  • 19.24    Exclusion criteria
  • 21.30    Definition of diabetes in remission
  • 23.40    Role of primary care and inviting patients
  • 25.08   The initial consultation and follow-ups
  • 26.51   Medications adjustment overview
  • 28.54   Deprescribing blood glucose medication
  • 32.01    Restarting blood glucose medication
  • 33.38    Deprescribing blood pressure medication
  • 37.27    Further adjustment of BP medications
  • 40.56    Other meds which may need adjusting
  • 42.19   EMIS searches, invitation letter and referral and medication adjustment form (more detail)
  • 48.11   SystmOne searches, invitation letter and referral forms (abridged repeat of EMIS demo)
  • 52.36  Key contacts