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Join thousands of people who've made lasting lifestyle changes and improved their health with Momenta programmes

The Momenta Diabetes Remission Programme is delivered as part of the NHS Path to Type 2 Diabetes Remission Programme, so it’s all FREE if you’ve been referred by your GP practice and are eligible.

We’re delighted to have teamed up with our partners at Habitual Health to use their App for the digital version of our programme. Our Coaches will guide you through the Momenta programme content on our version of their app platform.

When you’re ready to download the Habitual App and get started just click this download link from your mobile or scan the correct QR code using your phone’s camera.  By downloading the App you agree to Habitual’s terms and conditions in addition to Momenta’s policies.  

Please do NOT do this before you are asked to do so by the Momenta team as you will not have an account.  This means you’ll be routed to the standard Habitual service and asked to pay for access.  The Momenta version for the NHS is FREE for you, but your account must be set up beforehand. Do NOT enter any payment details in the App.   

When you’ve downloaded the App you’ll be asked to enter the email you provided to Momenta to set up your account.  You’ll then be sent a text and an email – just click on the link from your phone and you’re all set.   By downloading the App you agree to Habitual’s terms and conditions in addition to Momenta’s policies.  

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Three phases over 12 months

This picture gives you a quick overview of the programme, with a little more detail on each of the phases below.

Journey Timeline

Phase 1: Reboot

The 12-week low calorie diet phase  

In this part of the programme, you’ll use meal replacement products like shakes and soups to help you achieve rapid weight loss safely. You’ll have regular contact with your Health coach throughout this phase. The programme includes daily content, tips and tools in the App to help you stick to the TDR products and achieve your personal weight loss goal. 

Phase 2: Rebalance

The 6-week food reintroduction phase 

We know from research and experience that starting to eat ‘real food’ meals can feel overwhelming after 12 weeks on TDR. This phase supports you to reintroduce balanced real food meals without regaining weight. Your Coach will be on-hand to support you through calls or in-App messaging as you navigate shopping and preparing healthy foods. You’ll also be given recipe ideas for balanced, portion-controlled meals to help you get on the right track. 

Phase 3: Retune

The lifestyle change phase 

Many people think that losing weight is the hard part, but research shows that keeping it off after you lose it can be even more challenging. Your Momenta Coach will continue to support you for the rest of the year as you adapt to a healthier lifestyle. You’ll also benefit from the tried-and-tested Momenta programme content, which has helped thousands of people learn how to eat in an enjoyable, flexible way and manage their weight long-term through lifestyle change.

We look forward to supporting you through the NHS Path to Type 2 Diabetes Remission Programme. See you soon!